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Symposium 1: Nanogenerators 

Chairs: Ya Yang(杨亚)、Xiangyu Chen(陈翔宇)

Symposium 2: Self-Powered Sensors and Systems

Chairs: Junyi Zhai(翟俊宜)

Symposium 3: Piezotronics and Semiconductor Devices

Chairs: Weiguo Hu(胡卫国)

Symposium 4: Energy Storage and Self-Charging Power Systems

Chairs: Xiong Pu(蒲雄)

Symposium 5: Self-powered Bioelectronics

Chairs: Zhou Li(李舟)

Symposium 6: Photocalysis and Water Splitting

Chairs: Di Wei(魏迪)

Symposium 7: Nano Energy Applications in MEMS, E-skin and AI

Chairs: Chi Zhang(张弛)

Symposium 8: Blue Energy and the Internet of Things at Sea

Chairs: Tao Jiang(蒋涛)、Minyi Xu(徐敏义)